Where is the best places to stay in Da Nang


Choosing the best area lets you focus on exploring the city without the hassle of spending lots of time in the car or on the motorcycle. I narrow the choice down to two areas in the city and give you all the details about the areas, so you know where you should stay in Da Nang.

Da Nang has had huge development in the last number of years. This has pushed the city to become a major location for Vietnamese and tourists.

The city had a major focus in the Viet Nam War where the United States troops arrived at these beaches. The city still remembers the lasting effects of the Agent Orange chemicals used by the Americans.

Best Area to Stay in Da Nang

Da Nang has a quirky bridge and interesting museums. It pairs a modern city with traditional attributes and a lovely beach. There are many things to like about this dynamic place.

This guide will focus on the Coastal Area and the Center of the City because these are the best locations for tourists in Da Nang. While you will be checking out both locations, I will give some great insights into which location is perfect for you.

Another cool experience is trying the local markets to shop with local Vietnamese people. You can always find some interesting new things to try.

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Coastal Area

Da Nang has the gorgeous My Khe Beach that is 20 miles along with the city. The beaches are nicely maintained and have relaxing umbrella stations to lounge in the sun all day. There are many water sports to do and it is an up-and-coming beginner surfing beach. There are many local surfers who offer great lessons.

The beach is filled with swimmers, sunbathers and surfers and across the street there are is a beautiful skyline filled with towering buildings. The beach has even made it on New York’s 52 Best Places to See in 2019 list as number 14. A walk along the beach will be a great way to see the city.

Local Markets: Phuoc My Market and the Market on Nguyen Ba Lan and My Da Dong 2 have lots of food and clothing for you to try. You can stock up on fruits, vegetables, meat, spices, clothing, bags and so much more.

Where to stay in Da Nang

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Downtown and Center of the City

There is a must-see during your evening right in the center of the city. The Dragon Bridge provides a great show every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. The dragon breathes fire and then sprays water. Just remember not to watch from on the bridge, because you will get completely soaked if you do. I recommend staying around the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge.

I suggest visiting the Cham Museum to see items from the 7th to 15th centuries. There many other museums to visit as well, such as the Fifth Military Museum which illustrates the violent Vietnam War.

For shopping, head to the Con Market area for souvenirs, crafts and clothing.

Local Markets: Han Market has food and products to stock up.

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