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Da Nang has been known as the Most Worth-Living and the Cleanest City in Vietnam. Therefore, it is totally worth for a Da Nang trip. Being a coastal city in the centre of Vietnam, Danang also famous of the most beautiful beaches not only in Vietnam but also over the world. It is not naturally Danang has become that much well-known, away from the amazing sceneries, local people here are so friendly and kind. In spite of the biggest titles of the festival as well as famous and diversified entertainment hubs, this city still keeps its peace and natural beauty. That is the reason why Danang attract a vast number of tourists every year.

Danang Vietnam

How to get to Danang?

To start a Da Nang trip, the first thing you question must be how to get there. To go to Danang from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, it is not difficult since Danang is one of the significant cities of Vietnam. The fastest way to go to Danang is booking a flight ticket. Depend on the brand and time you decide to go, the prices of flight tickets are different. It is around 500,000 VND to 2,500,000 VND.

You also can choose to come to Danang by public transportation. It is recommended if you have enough time for a Danang trip. It is a good way to experience the Vietnam culture and the beautiful road along the country. From Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, it takes 14 hours to 20 hours for bus and train. Normally, going by bus is faster than train. The ticket price is from 400,000 VND to 900,000 VND for train. It depends on the type of seat and number of train you choose. For bus, the ticket price is from 500,000 VND to 700,000 VND dependently. For the safety, there are some names of the bus that people usually give recommendation such as Hoàng Long, Mai Linh, Thuận Thảo, Phương Trang and so on.

How to travel in Danang?

In Vietnam, the most popular transportation is the motorbike. Therefore, the best advice for your Da Nang trip is renting a motorbike to drive around the city. By driving a motorbike, you have a chance to catch all the moments of local daily life. Moreover, it also is easier to see the sightseeing in a different way.

Danang Vietnam

As the recommendations of other travellers, there are some trusted motorbike for rent places:

  • Anh Tuấn Motorbike: 0905.70.80.90 or 0913.418
  • Trường Đạt: 0969.722.744 or 0969.822.844

In case you cannot drive a motorbike, there are still other public transportations to choose for your Danang trip. Booking a Grab Bike by Grab app or taking a bus by searching information on Danangbus. Or you can also take a traditional taxi because people in Danang is very friendly and kind. However, there is one thing that you should consider when booking a traditional taxi is that the unit prices are different from each brand of the taxi. There are some taxi brands in Danang such as Song Han, Mai Linh, Tien Sa and so on.

When to go for a Danang trip?

The weather in Danang is totally different by time in a year. Therefore, choosing when to go for a Danang trip is very important so that you can enjoy the most beautiful Danang.

From August to December, it is winter in Danang. Therefore, this is not the best time to come to this city. Moreover, rain and typhoon usually happen in this period of time.

The ideal time to go for a Da Nang trip is in spring from January to May. The weather in this time is nice with sunlight but not too hot. Furthermore, from April to May, there is Danang International Firework Festival which the best fireworks performances take place every year.

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Danang is a coastal city with mountains and beaches. Therefore, choosing a Danang trip is an ideal option for those who love nature. Besides, Danang also develops with entertainment commercial hubs. Hence, if you love modern places, Danang is still a good choice for you.


As the name “City of Bridges”, Danang has many special bridges that have become famous over the world. For a perfect Da Nang trip, you should not miss these bridge. All of them are over the Han river but each one has its own architecture. Therefore, they all have a unique attraction.

The first bridge that people mention about Danang and also the symbol of this city is the Han River Bridge. It is the pride of local people. It is the result of being the first bridge can swing in Vietnam. Han River Bridge swing at 23h-24h every weekend and holidays for tourism purpose.

Danang Vietnam

Heading toward the East Sea, Dragon Bridge has become a new symbol of Danang city recently. Located in the centre of the city, Dragon Bridge is a very must-visiting destination for Danang trip. In the area of the Dragon Bridge, there is another famous tourist destination in the city. They are the Carp turning into dragon statue and Love Locked Bridge. The most attraction of Dragon Bridge is that it fires and waters every weekend on Saturday and Sunday at 21h.

There is another beautiful bridge which is in the shape of the sail on Han river. It is Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Being the most romantic bridge in the city, Tran Thi Ly Bridge is an ideal destination for a Danang trip with your lovers.

Moving over to the Danang bay, there is an imposing bridge which looks imposing and mysterious. Thuan Phuoc Bridge at night is sparkling and charming with the amazing lights. Moreover, at daylight, the bridge is imposing due to the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam.

Son Tran peninsula

Son Tra peninsula or Monkey Mountain is known as the pearl of Danang city. People say that you have not come to this nice city yet if your Da Nang trip misses Son Tra peninsula. Besides the purpose of tourism, Son Tra peninsula also takes an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of Vietnam. The reason is that Son Tra peninsula has very diversified biology with hundreds of kinds of plants and animals.

Danang Vietnam

From Son Tra peninsula, you can have an overlooking to the bay of Danang and the East Sea. There are famous destinations on Son Tra peninsula. It must be mentioned is Linh Ung Pagoda. This pagoda has the tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam. From every corner of the city, you can see it virtually. One more must-visiting destination is Ban Co Peak (or Chess Desk Peak). This is the highest point of Son Tra peninsula with the statue of a fairy and a chess desk with a mysterious story. Additionally, there are many other attractive destinations on Son Tra peninsula. They are thousand years old tree, Dong Dinh Museum, waterfalls, Tien Sa port and so on.

Marble Mountains

Danang Vietnam

As the Asian’s belief, there are five elements making of the earth. They are iron, wood, water, fire and soil. Marble Mountains include five mountains named as those five elements. Therefore, this is a very holy place of local people. This is a must-visiting destination on your Danang trip. All of the mountains have cave entrances. People can climb up to discover more stories about these mountains. However, there is the only one which has been developed for tourism purpose, that is Water Mountain. Water Mountain attract tourists with significant names such as Buddha statue, road the heaven, road to hell and many caves. The most unique attraction of this mountain is the story of Sun Wukong.

There are many stores sell the pieces of jewellery which are made from the stone in Marble Mountain. They are must-buy souvenirs from a Danang trip.


Danang Vietnam

Your Danang trip must not be missed the beaches. Being a coastal city, Danang has so many beautiful beaches. One of them is My Khe beach, which is known as one of the six sexiest beaches over the world according to Forbes record. One of the most interesting things of all beaches in Danang, there are no large waves so that people can swim any time in a year. It is safe for children as well.

Besides My Khe beach, there are others that people should visit when coming for a Danang trip. They are Pham Van Dong, Non Nuoc, Bac My An, Xuan Thieu and Nam O beaches.

Entertainment hubs

Danang is still in its developing process. Therefore, there are many new entertainment hubs in this city. All of them are attracting numerous tourists every year. Therefore, even you are a nature lover or modern tourist, planning for a Da Nang trip will be a good choice for sure.

Ba Na Hill with four Guinness World Record for the length, distance and weight is the first destination you should visit for your Danang trip if you love modern places. Here you can enjoy four seasons in a day. Wake up in the morning with the weather of spring. Enjoy the hot of summer at noon. Be relax with the autumn in the afternoon and be cool with the winter at night.

Danang Vietnam

A new destination in Danang trip these year is Asia Park. It consists of three main areas. The first area is an amusement park with modern rides, attractions and shows. The special traditional architecture of ten countries is in the culture park. And a central zone which mixes between modern and traditional style. The Sun Wheel in Asia Park is one of the tallest Ferris wheels over the world. It can be seen virtually from anywhere in the city.

Cocobay is a very new destination for party lovers. Trying to become the Southeast Asia leading entertainment and hospitality hubs, Cocobay provides unprecedented varied amusement choices, world-class residences, redefined tourist services and a city tour on the first hop on – hop off bus in Vietnam. Try a Danang trip by a hop on – hop off bus is an interesting experience.

What to eat for Danang trip?

Besides the attractive tourist destinations, Danang also is famous with local food. Your Da Nang trip will be more perfect with these following specialities.


Danang Vietnam

One of the well-known traditional noodle in Danang is Quang noodles. The noodles are made from rice and eaten with special soup. The more delicious the soup is, the more delicious Quang noodles is. Normally, Quang noodles goes with vegetables. There are some different kind of Quang noodles, chicken soup, pork soup or fish soup. Try Quang noodles for your Da Nang trip to taste the daily food of local people. Local people use noodles for breakfast, lunch and even dinner too.

Fish noodles is also known as a speciality of Danang. It is another kind of noodles. The noodles of fish noodles is much smaller than Quang noodles. It is eaten with fish soup, fish pies, vegetable, slices of lemon, chillies and a little shrimp paste.

Spring roll

food in danangIn the north and the south of Vietnam, there is also spring roll. However, spring roll in Danang is different from them. It is made with slices of pork, vegetable, slices of green banana, mango and cucumber. After that, all of them are rolled in pieces of dried and fresh rice papers. Spring roll always goes with fish sauce which makes it tastier.

Rice cake

food in danang

There are two famous types of pancake that you should try for your Da Nang trip. The first one is pancake. The main ingredients if the pancake is rice flour mixed with eggs. Local people boil that mixture by oil with shrimp, pork, fresh bean sprouts. You eat it in the same way with spring roll with cucumber, green banana and mango. The sauce is the most important factor makes the tasty of pancake. The sauce is made from pig liver and crushed peanuts. The second type of rice cake is water fern cake. It is put in a small bow with fried bread and shrimp or pork. The sauce is this type of rice cake is simpler, it is just fish sauce with chillies.


food in danang

Being a coastal city, Danang has a very long beach with a fresh source of seafood. Many people plan for a Danang trip just for seafood only. Hence, it is easy to see that seafood here is very famous. There are many types of seafood that will satisfy the seafood lovers. You can be easy to find a restaurant with grilled, fried, boiled or hot pot seafood in the city or along the beach. There is also fried seafood which people sell in the stores or market.

Sweet soup

There are some famous sweet soup restaurants that you find when in your Da Nang trip. Some of them that must be mentioned is Xuan Trang and Lien sweet soup. It has many different types which are made from different ingredients. Most of the ingredient is beans. Some are fruits such as banana, mango, custard apple, dragon fruit and so on.

food in danang

Being a coastal city with the significant cuisine and friendly people, a Da Nang trip will not make you disappointed. It’s time to reward yourself with a nice and interesting place like Danang.


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