What are the problems in Vietnam education system?


Vietnam education system is a social issue that catches the attention of most of the citizen since there are too many problems occur every year. From the problem that parents try to choose the “hot” schools for their kids to the change in university entrance examinations. From the cheats in the important examinations to the corruption in the education system. And the most serious issue is the educational management of the country.

An education system that can be said either too few or too many lessons

One of the very first issues of the Vietnamese education system is that students have to study too much but not enough. There are quite many subjects that students do not need to spend too much time on it. But the schedule of the system requires them to do that. Vietnamese students need to learn by heart too many theories that are not necessary.

there are too many unnecessary subjects in the Vietnamese education system

There are too many unnecessary subjects in the educational path of a Vietnamese student – Image: Eugenio Mazzone.

Moreover, with science subjects, students have to learn more than they need. It requires students to learn further thoroughly on the issues that it is actually for postgraduation study. Furthermore, most of the knowledge students gain from the local education system is theory but not practice. Therefore, most of the Vietnamese students are lack of practical knowledge. It is also a reason for the high rate of unemployment.

Vietnamese students do not have enough changes to practice foreign languages or develop their personal skills. The education system is not personalized that student can develop themselves to become a person that they want to be base on their strength.

The Vietnam education system helps students to be good at solving the difficult science subjects

Vietnamese students have to learn so many things that only need for postgraduate education – Image: Jeshoots.

Hence, when growing up, they almost forget what they really like and what they do want to do. It leads to the fact that after graduating, bachelors do not know what they want to do or which job they should apply for. In this period of time, no matter how many career workshops they join, it is almost not helpful.

Study well, good examination result but bad working effectiveness

If mentioning about theories and learning by heart, Vietnamese students are really good. The Vietnamese education system helps them to be able to handle most of the difficult homework. The deeper study on a theory issue seems not to be difficult for Vietnamese students.

Due to the education system path, Vietnamese students are very good at learning by heart

The Vietnamese education schedule makes students have to learn by heart on most of the subjects – Image: Patrick Tomasso.

It is why educational achievements in Vietnam are good. Moreover, the higher the education, the fewer knowledge students get. When they are in primary or high school, there are too many things that students need to learn. However, then they are in university, there are only theory lessons for students. Moreover, the lessons on the university are not deep enough for students to understand clearly about an issue. Meanwhile, this is the time that students need to earn more skills and experiences for their work after graduation.

As a result, no matter the great achievement that Vietnamese students get when they are under the education system, their working skills and experiences are always not enough. Moreover, the creativeness is limit. Doctors, masters, and bachelors have the same start-point after graduating.


Although the educational achievements of Vietnamese students in the international arena are really impressive, the education system is not in fact. It does not reflect the true potential of Vietnamese students. That is the reason why there are so many Vietnamese parents send their kids abroad. So that their children could have better chances to approach advanced education in the world. Moreover, it also causes other social issues in Vietnam.

There are too many bachelors produced a year

There is a huge number of students graduate from university every year. However, the ratio of those who can find a job is really low – Image: Good Free Photos.

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