Unique things to do in Ha Noi you have never heard before!


Being one of the developing cities of Vietnam, Ha Noi is also a tourist city attracting many people to visit every day. In addition to visiting tourist destinations, you can also have a great chance to experience the authentic lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Let’s explore things to do in Ha Noi in this upcoming summer!

Gossip with a glass of lemon tea

Gossip with friends at a drink vendor on the sidewalk

Normally, many people choose a coffee shop or have a meal to meet and chat with friends. In Ha Noi, there is a unique place to meet up, gossip and have a drink together. Local people call it by the funny name ” Tra chanh chem gio”. A small vendor on the sidewalk selling lemon tea at a price cheap as chips.

It’s an interesting things to do in Ha Noi if you travel to this city in the first time. Drinking a glass of ice lemon tea and gossip with your partner, and looking at the moving people on the road. What’s more for those hot days in the summer?

Walking on the Hoan Kiem lakeside

Walking on the Hoan Kiem lakeside in the morning

Hoan Kiem lake is a famous destination in the capital city and it is also the image of this capital city. This lake plays an important role on local life as well as historical meaning in the past. Thus, this place is always on top of things to do in Ha Noi city.

If you are wondering about where to go or hanging out, go on a walk on the lake side in early morning or in the evening. In the morning, you will enjoy the fresh air, foggy that bring you a peaceful atmosphere. Comparing at the peace in the morning, the feeling in the evening is totally different. It’s crowded and bustle with many activities.

Things to do in Ha Noi

Hoan Kiem lake is also the best place to stay far away from the hot weather of Ha Noi in the evening.

Dropping by Ta Hien street

Chill out at Ta Hien street - things to do in Ha Noi city

Ta Hien street is the most busy street in Ha Noi at night. It’s also named as a foreigner land in the heart of city. Ta Hien street where you can enjoy the modern lifestyle with bars, pubs or food stall on whole road.

It’s time  to put your makeup on and explore things to do in this bustle street now!

Lost way in the paradise of shopping at Dong Xuan market

The wet market is a special culture not only in Vietnam but also in the southest asian countries. Spending time on discovering the wet market would be one of wonderful things to do in Ha Noi city.

Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market is also the highlight wet market in Ha Noi from the past until now. It’s well-known and traditional place for trading activities of the Vietnamese both in the past and in the present.

Coming to Dong Xuan Market, you will be shock of the large space with many stalls. There are so many products sold in this market and you will be lost way if you were a shopping aholic.

Exploring Ha Noi old quarter

Ha Noi old quarter

The old quarter is a place where you can learn more about the history and culture of Vietnam in the past. With 36 old streets and each street will sell one highlight product. Walking around and admire the ancient beauty of old quarter will be the best experience when travel to Ha Noi city.

Moreover, You also have a chance to choose some unique gift after your trip in Ha Noi city in the old quarter.

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