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One is the best thing in Da Nang are the beaches. With blue water, poetic scene and cool breeze, many beaches attract lots of tourists coming. That’s why looking for an apartment near beach in Da Nang is increasing. Hereunder top 5 of apartment options at a cheap price you can consider.

Lovely studio apartment near beach in Da Nang

With only 4 minutes of walking to the beach, this property is a great choice for a low budget. It nears Man Thai beach which is a pristine and poetic beach. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable time to sunbathe on the beautiful sand.

As a studio type, this apartment near beach in Da Nang offers a small but still convenient living space. The kitchen is narrow but it has basic utensils like electric stove, microwave, sink, fridge, etc. It also has a dining table for one or two persons enjoying the meal. The window next to the kitchen cabinet makes the area airier. 

To cook more comfortably, you can use the common kitchen on the ground floor of the building. There is also a large eating area so you can meet other residents and have a chat with them.

Otherwise, the bedroom has a wardrobe and a table, and a simple big size bed placed opposite a window. Hence, the room is bright and warm. Most furniture is in wood material so they give you a cozy feeling when staying here. Besides, there is a tiny balcony where you can enjoy the air and sunshine.

The bathroom is tiny but it’s clean and helpful. In addition, there are washing machines on the ground floor so you can save money doing laundry here.

For a low budget, this property just offers basic interiors with a simple design. Despite the small area, the room has a pleasant ambiance that you always feel welcome here. In case you’re a beach lover, this cheap apartment near beach in Da Nang is a choice that you should not skip.

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Newly built apartment near beach in Da Nang

Located at Ha Bong street that takes only 5 minutes to walk to My Khe beach, this furnished property brings a comfortable living space.

Despite a studio apartment, this apartment near beach in Da Nang has 2 beds. As a result, 2 or 3 people can live here. Once you enter the threshold, the kitchen is on the left hand. It’s just a small area but it has necessary utensils like a cabinet, stove, kettle, fridge, sink, etc. The kitchen looks neat and tidy.

On the other hand, there is a dining table placed next to a window near the beds. Beside the table is a wardrobe. And being opposite the bed, it has a wooden shelf and a TV. Most furniture is made of wood with light color. In addition, the property is in the white tone mainstream so it has a bright and clean atmosphere. Besides, there are some small windows to let the sunshine into the room. Hence, the apartment is warm but airy at the same time. Look outside the window, you can feel the cool coming from green plants.

The bathroom is tiny but it has full amenities and clean. There is also a small window in the room so it’s bright and no odor. Overall, compared with a cheap price, this apartment gives you convenient living space with new furniture. So if you’re on a low budget, don’t miss this out!

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Apartment near beach in Da Nang with a simple design

Only 3 minutes going on foot from this property, you can reach the beach. Also, thanks to locating near the beach, the air surrounding the neighbor is fresh and cool as well.

This 1-bedroom apartment is furnished with simple but modern facilities so you don’t need to buy more when moving in. The living room has a green sofa with a white table only. But the green color makes the room more vivid and energetic.

On the other hand, the kitchen is in the same space as the living room. The kitchen is stylish with white utensils. It has amenities like a kitchen hood, cabinets, sink, etc designed in fashionable looks. In addition, there is a dining table beside the kitchen cabinet. Moreover, there is a window and a balcony in the area so it gives a bright and airy ambiance.

The bedroom is decorated with a small green sofa, elegant wallpaper, and a big-size bed. The room is not large but it’s airy thanks to the windows. Combining delicate and simple details, the bedroom looks not boring but cozy. You’ll have a good sleep when living here.

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Otherwise, the bathroom is clean with a glass door showering area. This helps the room more spacious than it is. Besides, you can use the washing machine on the terrace. There is also a wide space on the terrace to enjoy the air and dry the clothes as well.

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Cozy studio apartment near beach in Da Nang

With this apartment, you just need 2-minute walk to the beach. Located at Tran Bach Dang street, there are many services surrounding this area. Therefore, living here is so convenient. Especially, there are lots of delicious seafood restaurants that you can’t miss!

With wooden furniture and yellow lights, once you enter the property, you can feel warm and welcoming. The kitchen is small but it has full utensils such as a fridge, cabinet, electric stove, microwave, etc. Especially, there is a vintage wall in the kitchen that makes the area lovely and nostalgic at the same time.

Next to the kitchen is an area for washing before the bathroom. It helps to save space for the apartment as well. Furthermore, there is a washing machine in the bathroom already so you don’t need to waste time and money doing laundry outside.

The bedroom has necessary furniture like a big size bed, a wardrobe, a table, a shelf, and a TV. On top of that, it has a big window to get the air into the room. Hence, you can feel airy and spacious. The table placed next to the window is a good place for working. Moreover, the bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a wooden shelf. Therefore, you can feel private in the bedroom despite the studio apartment.

With the beautiful decoration and cheap price, you should consider this apartment near beach in Da Nang to enjoy a great time staying here.

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Stylish studio apartment near beach in Da Nang

This apartment is just 500 meters far away from the beach. Therefore, if you’re finding a modern apartment near beach in Da Nang, you shouldn’t miss this one.

The apartment combines dark and neutral colors like black, grey, dark blue and white. However, it’s not gloomy thanks to many windows and the balcony. They help the room brighter and airier. In daylight, it’s full of sunshine and you can feel warm when staying here. Moreover, there is a green wall that gives a good vibe for the apartment.

As a studio room, all the rooms are in the same space without separating. Once you enter, the kitchen is on the right hand. It’s so small but it has necessary utensils like fridge, microwave, stove, sink, etc. All in a stylish design that makes the property look deluxe.

Next to the kitchen is the bedroom with the rest of the furniture. There is a little sofa placed under the window. The bedroom has a bed, a table, a bedside cabinet, a shelf, and a TV. Also, there is a window to let the sunshine into the room. Besides, the balcony is a good spot to watch the street, enjoy the air or dry your clothes. For some greenish, you can add more plants here. Especially, the room is highlighted with some cane chairs. They give a traditional and more natural feeling for the apartment.

On the other hand, the bathroom is tiled so it’s clean. It also has a washing machine inside. The furniture is modern with elegant colors, most in white. The glass door and cool wall also make the room more stylish.

Overall, this apartment is cool with modern interiors. Compared with beautiful design and comfortable living space, the price is cheap. So when in Danang, let’s pay a visit to this great apartment.

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