Top 10 gym in Da Nang


It is important to keep good health as well as a routine lifestyle. One of the most popular ways that the young Vietnamese people are doing is going to a gym. It does not only maintain your health condition but also gives your body a good shape. If you are moving to Da Nang city and do not want to lose this routine, let’s come to find a gym in Da Nang to burn your calories.

gym in Da Nang

Gym centers in Da Nang city are more and more popular since fitness is becoming a trend in the young – Image: California Fitness & Yoga Center.

California Fitness & Yoga center – The best gym in Da Nang city

This is the best gym in Da Nang because of not only its facilities but also training experts. There is a wide range of services that can bring you a huge convenience in working out. There are group fitness, reduce muscle tension course, dance, yoga, personal training, PTX, kickfit/MMA and lose weight course.

gym in Da Nang

The gymnasium facilities in California Fitness & Yoga are modern and up-to-date – Image: California Fitness & Yoga Center.

Additionally, the gymnasium facilities in California fitness & yoga center are in high-quality. The services here follow the 5-star standard with modern equipment. Additionally, there are famous and well-skilled trainers who are expert in the gym to design your schedule to reach your goal as soon as possible. Furthermore, there is a health care center within the place called Jacuzzi where you can take a check for your body data. That is the reason why California fitness & yoga is known as the best gym in Da Nang.

See more information about California Fitness & Yoga Center.

Elite Fitness Vinh Trung – A modern gym in Da Nang

This gym in Da Nang was established in 2010. Today, Elite fitness has 15 club branches across the country. The modern facilities of this center might knock you down. They are not only in high-quality but also up-to-date to bring the best experiences to the customers.

gym in Da Nang

The modern facilities in a luxury space help you have more inspiration to workout – Image: Elite Fitness Vinh Trung.

Besides making the best place to help people maintain their body shape, the Elite fitness center aims to raise the awareness of fitness to Vietnamese community so that people have better health.

More information about this gym in Da Nang at Elite Fitness Vinh Trung.

Mega Fitness Center – A cheap but good quality gym in Da Nang city center

Despite the city center location, Mega Fitness center provides customers with high-quality courses at a cheap price. There are four training combos for you to choose from. The first one includes gym, stream, and swimming. The second one focuses only on yoga three times per week. Nextly, gym, Zumba, group X, stream and swimming are included in a combo. And the last one consists of yoga, Zumba, gym, group X, stream and swimming. There are different prices for each package. See more at Mega Fitness Center.

gym in Da Nang

This fitness center has good quality facilities but the price is affordable – Image: Mega Fitness Center.

Kien Gym – A popular gym in Da Nang

Due to the super cheap price, Kien is a very popular gym in Da Nang that you can come to find a comfortable and friendly environment. Even the package prices are cheap, the facilities are in high-quality that you do not need to worry about. In a small space, you can find the different gymnasium facilities for your fitness. Moreover, this is a new gym in Da Nang. Thus, the facilities are new and modern.

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gym in Da Nang

In a small space, this fitness center provides full equipment – Image: Kien Gym.

Iron gym in Da Nang city center

Iron gym in Da Nang provides with a wide range of services. There are personal training, crossfit workout, Zumba, yoga, kettlebell, and spin biking. Gymnasium facilities in this center are well-equipped with high-quality and modern model. Base on the different health condition of each person, the personal training course will provide you with a suitable schedule. Therefore, you will definitely reach your goal in a certain time.

If you are interested in a gym in Da Nang city center with affordable price, see more at Iron Fitness Da Nang.

gym in Da Nang

Iron Gym provides you with a varied service – Image: Iron Gym.

Infinity Streng and Gym in Da Nang

This is a modern gym in Da Nang with not only high-quality facilities but also luxury design space. All of the gymnasium facilities in this center are imported with a strict standard. Moreover, you will be guided by the trainer who has international achievement. Therefore, your schedule will be formed in international standards. This center has a large and airy space. Therefore, you will not only find the efficient moments of burning calories but also feel comfortable to have the best workout.

See more information about this gym in Da Nang at Infinity Streng & Fitness Da Nang.

Infinity Strength and Gym is an ideal place to help you gain your fitness goal – Image: Infinity Strength and Gym.

Quoc Anh gym in Da Nang

Located in Thanh Khe district, Quoc Anh is a good gym in Da Nang that you can trust for your body shape. There are different kinds of gymnasium facilities that support your fitness well. Moreover, personal trainers will help you to have a suitable schedule. Therefore, your goal will be soon completed in Quoc Anh gym. Additionally, this is a very friendly environment that you can find comfortable moments and good workout friends in the local.

For more details about this gym, read Gym Quoc Anh.

gym in Da Nang

Quoc Anh Gym is a simple fitness center with good quality facilities helps your workout more efficiently – Image: Quoc Anh Gym.

Kingsport gym in Da Nang

Kingsport gym in Da Nang is a good place for you to come for good body shape. There are modern and good-quality facilities which are up-to-date in order to bring the best experience to the customers. Moreover, its space is large and airy. Thus, your gym time will be so comfortable. Besides personal package, there are others that will give you more benefits. They are student, couple and group packages which give you the advantages of price.

Learn more about Kingsport at A modern gym in Danang.

gym in Da Nang

The modern workout space with good quality gymnasium facilities – Image: Kingsport.

Gym Factor – A good gym in Da Nang with personal trainers

With a personal trainer, a fitness course becomes more effective since it will be on the right way to the goal. Therefore, there are more and more gyms center to implement this service. One of them is Gym Factor. A personal trainer helps you to have a workout schedule which is suitable for your health data. Therefore, the road to your goal is closer and safer. Moreover, gymnasium facilities in this gym in Da Nang is modern and good. Thus, you will have efficient moments to burn your calories.

See more details about this fitness center at Gym Factor.

gym in Da Nang

A nice workout space that can inspire your everyday fitness – Image: Gym Factor.

Quang Army gym in Da Nang

This is a gym in Da Nang city center with a good price and different services. Moreover, they also provide with personal trainers who will help you reach your goal faster. Moreover, the facilities are well-equipped with modern model. Besides, an airy space helps you to enjoy the workout time and increase your effectiveness. The fitness environment is friendly and free. Therefore, besides having a good routine in the town, you also have the chances to make more friends with the locals.

For more information about this center, see Quang Army gym.

gym in Da Nang

Personal trainers at Quang Army fitness center will help you to reach your fitness goal soon – Image: Quang Army.

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