Top 10 food in Hoi An you definitely should not miss


Wandering around the beautiful ancient town for a long time and feeling hungry? It’s time to have a food tour in Hoi An to recharge your batteries. Here are top 10 food in Hoi Anthat’s worth your trying ever!

food in Hoi An - Gettyimage - Old Town
Not only a beautiful Old Town, but Hoi An also draws a large number of tourists for the food – Photo: Gettyimage.

Cao Lau – the signature food in Hoi An

food in Hoi An Cao Lau Internet
Cao Lau is one of the best food in Hoi An you can’t skip – Photo: Internet.

This is a signature dish in Hoi An that you can’t miss. Cao Lau is made of local ingredients only found in Hoi An. It also has an interesting story behind. According to locals, to make the true Cao Lau noodle, they have to use the water from thousand-year Ba Le Well and the ash from a specific plant from Cham Island nearby. Besides the unique noodle, savory slices of char siu and lots of veggies are the main ingredients. Especially, there are some crunchy crackers served with a light sauce. When eating, you can enjoy the plump and squishy of noodles, the sweet and rich flavors of the broth and the freshness of herbs. Being a symbolic cuisine, Cao Lau is one of the best food in Hoi An. It’s easy to find it on the streets or in any local restaurants.


Cao Lau Thanh– 26 Thai Phien Street, Hoi An.

Khong Gian Xanh– 687 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoi An.

Quang Noodle – a representation of Quang land

food in Hoi An Quang noodle
With diversified ingredients, Quang Noodle brings a delish flavor. – Photo: @yenngocxinhxinh

Locals always crave for this traditional dish due to its “like a rock concert” flavor in mouth. The thin and flat rice noodles are in white or spectacular yellow thanks to the turmeric. The typical toppings include the shrimp, pork, many vegetables, and grilled rice paper. Therefore, you can feel the soft noodles, flavorful broth, and the crunchy feeling at the same time. Moreover, the dish is so fragrant with the roasted peanuts. Quang Noodle is served with very little broth and fresh herbs. However, the superb broth brings a richness savor for this cuisine. Because of lots of ingredients, it is a complex mixture of great flavors. Hence, this dish never misses on the top list of food in Hoi Anof many travelers.

Banh Mi – famous street food worldwide

food in Hoi An Banh Mi
Banh Mi is so crunchy with various filling is a good choice to eat on the go. – Photo: @valeri_n

You can find Banh Mi on every street corner in Vietnam. This dish is really well-known all over the world but do you know the best Banh Mi in the world is in Hoi An? Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, a famous chef, Banh Mi Phuong in Hoi An has skyrocketed to international fame. The crusty Banh Mi with drooling fillings vary in your own tastes makes anyone starving. For a typical Banh Mi, it includes pâté, mayo, pork, cilantro, cucumber, pickles, and a secret sauce. This sauce is a mythic ingredient makes the Banh Mi Phuong tasty compared with other stalls. When taking a bite, you can feel the chewy and juicy meat, the crunchy of baguette and the fresh veggies. With a cheap price under 1 dollar, this dish is a great choice to eat on the go.

However, for locals, Banh Mi Phuong might not be the best so you can enjoy this dish at many places if you don’t want to queue forever. On the journey to explore the food in Hoi An, Banh Mi is a must.


Banh Mi Phuong– 2B Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoi An.

Madame Khanh– 115 Tran Cao Van street, Hoi An.

White Rose and Fried Wontons

food in Hoi An White Rose
A beautiful name and superb taste. – Photo: @oz_meo

Given the beautiful name, White Rose is made of translucent dough with shrimp, pork, garlic, lemongrass, scallions, and spices. It is a delicate spectacular dumpling. They serve it with fried shallots on top and a dipping sauce made of shrimp broth, chilies, lemon, and sugar. According to locals, there is one restaurant named Bong Hong Trang make this superb dish and they distribute it all over the town. Therefore, the recipe to make this transparent and thin dough is a secret. White Rose is a little flavorful explosion that fits for an appetizer.

On the other hand, fried wontons include the filling and the crust. The filling has minced pork, prawn, mushrooms, onions, and other spices bring a rich flavor. Different the chewy and tasty filling, the deep-fried crust is so crispy. For a complete fried wonton, they serve it with tomato-based sauce on top with some fresh herbs. These two dishes are featured cuisines so they are indispensable on the top list of food in Hoi An.

Recommendation:White Rose restaurant – 533 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoi An.

Banh Xeo

food in Hoi An-vietnamese_eats-Banh Xeo
The best time to enjoy Banh Xeo is on a rainy day. – Photo: @vietnamese_eats

Banh Xeo is a kind of crispy pancake. The rice is soaked, grind and diluted to make the flour. Then they mix the turmeric powder into the wet flour to have a yellow color which makes the Banh Xeo attractive appearance and fragrant. The topping includes pork, shrimp, green onion and bean sprouts folded into the center. Like many Vietnamese cuisines, it’s served with rice paper and greens. To eat Banh Xeo, you have to make a wrap. Remember to soften the rice paper with water then wrap it with a piece of Banh Xeo, veggies to make a roll. For a bursting flavor, dunking in the peanut sauce or fish sauce to enjoy the dish. Banh Xeo is not only the best food in Hoi An but also popular entire the country.

Recommendation: Ba Le Well – 45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An.

Grilled meat stick

food in Hoi An-trungbuii-grilled pork
Grilled pork yoke is a familiar image of Hoi An. – Photo: @trungbuii

This is a kind of popular street food in Hoi Anthat you can gather with friends, sit on some tiny stools, enjoy every stick with the great fragrance. Furthermore, to eat it on a rainy day or in winter is the best. The spiced porks are skewed through bamboo sticks and grilled on the spot. Then, they serve the dish with some local vegetables, rice paper (the dry and wet kind) and the dipping sauce. You can eat grilled meat without wrapping in a rice paper but to eat in the right way, learn to make a roll. Just place the wet rice paper on the dry paper, then all the veggies and the pork and you’ll have a perfect roll. Don’t forget to dip the roll in the sauce made of pork liver pate, peanut, sesame, and other spices. It’s the sauce makes this dish so delicious and flavorful.

Chicken Rice

food in Hoi An-kanguyen95-chicken rice
The yellow rice with tender chicken. – Photo: @kanguyen95

Even chicken rice does not only belong to Hoi An but locals have improved it to become a signature dish. The rice cooked in chicken stock with a bit of turmeric to have a spectacular yellow. The main and important ingredient is chicken. Chicken is boiled, hand-shredded and mixed with crushed onion, coriander, and other spices. This is a significant step to show the delicacy of the cooker. Depending on the mixture, each eatery has its own flavor. They serve the chicken rice with a small bowl of soup containing chicken liver, heart, etc. The tender meat, fresh coriander, and pickled papaya salad will satisfy your starving soul. It’s a must try when it comes to food in Hoi An.


A Xi – K47/2 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoi An.

Ba Buoi – 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoi An.

Phuc– 11 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoi An.

Banh Dap, Stir-fried Baby Clams, Corn Sweet Soup

food in Hoi An-hieuhieu-Banh Dap
Banh Dap will be an impressive experience for your trip. – Photo: @hieuhieu

This is a legendary combo of Hoi An. Whilst, Banh Dap is the one that makes you most impressive due to its contradictory textures. It’s a combination of 2 kinds of rice paper, one is white, thin and sticky, the other is dry and crunchy. When eating, you dip it in a unique sauce that’s only native to the Central region. This fermented and salted sauce might be a real challenge for you to enjoy this dish. However, in case you can try it, this is one of the most memorable experience on your trip.

Otherwise, Stir-fried Baby Clams is also one of the food in Hoi An you shouldn’t miss. The best way to enjoy is eating with a piece of cracker rice paper and sweet local chilies sauce. For the desserts, Corn Sweet Soup is a perfect choice. The fresh and chewy of corn mixed with the sweet, fragrant coconut juicy will awake all your senses, especially on hot days.

Recommendation:Ba Gia – Cam Nam Commune, Hoi An.

Banh Beo (Water fern cake)

food in Hoi An-hieu.ricky-water fern cake
Banh Beo in Hoi An is unique with fried Cao Lau noodles. – Photo: @hieu.ricky

This is a popular dish in regions in Central Vietnam. Even though, Hoi An Water Fern Cake has its own featured flavor attract customers coming and enjoying it. It is a steamed rice cake topped with pork, shrimps, scallions, fried shallots, and roasted peanuts. On top of that, fried Cao Lau noodle is the secret making this dish unique. Cao Lau is the noodle only made in Hoi An with a complex procedure. They serve this food with chilies fish sauce for a rich flavor.

Recommendation:Aunt Bay’s – at the corner of the old wall on Hoang Van Thu street, Hoi An.

Mot (Herbal tea) – a refreshing local drink

food in Hoi An-by.monn-Mot
A cup of Mot makes you feel fresh and cool on hot days. – Photo: @by.monn

This is not a kind of food in Hoi An but it’s worth a try. Mot is herbal tea with many good for health ingredients like lemon, lemongrass, ginger, honey, and various herbs. This drink will cool you down on a hot day exploring the Old Town. It comes complete with lotus petals and kaffir leaves, so good-looking for an Instagram photo.

Recommendation:Mot – 150 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An.