Tam Thanh Mural Village – the picturesque beauty in fairy paintings

A lively village looks like so many beautiful fairy tales – Tam Thanh Mural Village is an impressive highlight of Quang Nam tourism. Scattered throughout the country of Vietnam, there are beautiful and famous landscapes everywhere. But when it comes to frescoes, perhaps the only place often mentioned and attracting young people and tourists is Tam Thanh Mural Village in Quang Nam. Let’s explore this land!
Tam Thanh Mural village in Quang Nam

The beauty of Bich Hoa village, Tam Thanh Mural Village

The tranquil beauty of Tam Thanh Mural village

Tam Thanh Mural Village belongs to Tam Ky city of Quang Nam province. This is a poor fishing village located along the coast. The walls of this village are drawn by the talented hands of Vietnamese and Korean artists. This village is famous for a hot check-in place at the top of the search for young people recently. Tam Thanh attracts tourists by its unique, creative, and statistics. It shows that only after the first 4 months were praised in the media. But the number of visitors flocking here is extremely crowded.

The beginning of beautiful paintings

Tam Thanh Mural village in Tam Ki city

Tam Thanh was changed to put on a new beautiful color, not a poor coastal fishing village anymore. The paintings that combine beauty from Korean art are still imbued with the tranquil beauty of South Central Vietnam. Colorful paintings bring you back to the beautiful childhood memories.

The beauty of Tam Thanh today

The paintings made the poor countryside of Tam Thanh seem to be recreated again. It was like stepping on a new page, full of hope, a happy and full life, a good harvest, quiet waves. It made life here not dull and tranquil life again. Rough walls and fences have been replaced with funny drawings and textures like childhood stories.

Beautiful picture in Tam Thanh village

The small roads in the village also become incredible dreaming. The paintings not only attract tourists to visit the unique village but also make the lives of the people here more gentle, relaxed, different from the sad and sad colors before.

Tam Thanh mural village, especially the young, shared that they were very interested in this model. When art really merged with life, becoming a part of daily life. All hope that this model will continue to expand and develop in many other localities. So that every Vietnamese village becomes a story, every life becomes memorable. And above all, we need to send our sincere thanks to the talented and enthusiastic Korean artist friends, who spread the love of art to a small village.

It is beautiful and interesting, isn’t it? Do not hesitate any longer without carrying your suitcase and come to enjoy the beauty of Tam Thanh mural village. 

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