Seafood markets – where the locals get the freshest seafood in Danang


With the long coastal line, Danang has an abundant seafood resource. Therefore, one of the tourists must-try in this coastal city is the seafood in Danang. Most of them prefer the seafood restaurants for the fresh and flavorful dish, but you might not know that there’s another choice: the seafood market.

seafood in danang

Don’t forget to visit the markets of seafood in Danang when you have a chance to visit this coastal city – Image:

Tho Quang market – The wholesale market of seafood in Danang

Location: 20 Van Don Street, Son Tra District, Danang.

Tho Quang is a fishing port in Son Tra District. It’s also considered the biggest wholesale market of seafood in Danang as well as Central region. Every day, hundreds of traders come to buy tons of seafood for the retail markets.

seafood in danang

Tho Quang is the biggest market of seafood in Danang.

When shopping here, you’re assured that the price would be cheaper than other markets in town. The diversity of fresh seafood will amaze you as well. It’s always crowded with arriving fishing boats even at dawn. Moreover, you can enjoy the bustling beauty of the biggest seafood market in Danang early in the morning.

Dong Da Market – where the locals come for seafood in Danang

Location: 42 Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

Among many markets of seafood in Danang, there is a unique market which is a familiar stop for locals. It’s not only the oldest seafood market but also locates near the sea. Therefore, there are dozens of types of seafood from shellfish to snails, crabs, fishes, etc that still alive. If you want to bring some fish to the plane, you can find here frozen seafood ready to be on board. Additionally, Dong Da market is also a paradise of specialties that you can bring home.

seafood in danang

Dong Da is the favorite market of many locals.

Thanh Khe Dong Ward seafood market in Danang

Location: Yen Khe 2 Street, Thanh Khe District, Danang.

If Con market is considered as the heaven of street food, Thanh Khe Dong is another heaven of seafood in Danang. This is a new seafood market in town with diverse kinds of marinated animal that you should definitely try. Fresh and delicious clams, shrimps, oysters, crabs, fishes, etc are the first choices when visiting this market. Moreover, all of the stalls here sell at the same price so you just need to find the freshest one. The seafood here is mostly purchased from the fishermen of sold directly by them so it has a “bargain” price. If you are a seafood lover, I’m pretty sure that you just want to bring this market home!

seafood in danang

Hoa Cuong wholesale market

Location: 75 Le No Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

If you ask the locals where to buy the best seafood in Danang, most of them would lead you to Hoa Cuong market. This is where fishermen gather to sell and the seafood retailers come to pick-up goods. As a big market in Danang, Hoa Cuong wholesale market has more than 500 stalls with a variety of goods. On sale at this market are fresh shrimps, crabs, fishes, squids, snails and so on at a reasonable price. Plus, it opens from 2 AM till everything’s sold out so you can visit whenever you want.

seafood in danang

Hoa Cuong is one of the biggest wholesale markets of seafood in Danang.

Hoa My market

Location: Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang.

In the list of busiest markets of seafood in Danang, it’s a must to mention Hoa My market. Visiting this market, you are able to find a lot of fresh seafood that has just been caught. This is also the supplier of many restaurants in Danang so if you bulk buy, you will get a fair price. In addition to that, this is also a place trading many other diverse products such as souvenirs or clothes. Hence, if you don’t come here for seafood, you can enjoy the bustling trading atmosphere of a local seafood market in the early morning. What an interesting experience!

seafood in danang

If you don’t want any seafood, you can come here to get some souvenirs.

Visit the market where you can have your seafood cooked immediately

As soon as you arrive in the market, you will be attracted immediately by the bustling atmosphere of buyers and traders, as well as the shining seafood buckets. The quantity and type of seafood here are extremely diverse. No matter what you want for dinner, this market will meet your demand with crab, prawn, clam, oyster, mussels, etc, and those creatures that you’ve never seen before. In addition, the price here is able to shock you too!

seafood in danang

At this market, you can have the seafood cooked immediately – Image:

The special feature of this market of seafood in Danang is that the fishmongers already fixed the price. So the purchase takes place very neatly. Interestingly, soon after buying types of seafood you like, they will show you a few restaurants nearby to cook for you.

Find the fresh seafood in Danang along the seaside

This is a familiar destination of people who look for a place selling seafood in Danang at a cheap price. The seafood here is taken from the first fisherman’s trips in the neighborhoods every early morning. You will get lost in a surprisingly busy trading space and definitely can’t stop but bring the seafood home. What’s more, because they’re near the famous beaches, it would be easier for you to shop for seafood while enjoying your vacation.

seafood in danang

The stalls on the seaside is an ideal place for you to find the raw seafood in Danang.

Tips to buy the freshest seafood in Danang

Seafood in Danang is extremely delicious and nutritious food that you can choose to make healthy and tasty dishes. However, seafood only tastes the best when it’s still fresh. Hence, there are some tips for you to find fresh things in the seafood market.

  • Squid: If you once watched National Geographic and be impressed by how the squid changes its color, you should keep that image in mind and try your best to find the same one. Do not choose the squid that has turned into blue, squashy, the head not attached the body and has a bad fishy smell.
  • Praw/Shrimp: Its shell needs to be firm, white and clear, not pale as milk or turns red and yellow. Moreover, the head must stick to the body and of course doesn’t have a bad fishy smell.
  • Crab: Crab must be alive. Study the underside, in particular, the light-colored triangular flap. When you press that flap, it must be firm and bulging. In addition, a fleshy crab gets a yellow tinted belly. Avoid the soft and blue one that reeks of ammonia.
  • Oyster/clam: Oyster and clam should smell briny-fresh, look bright and clean as well. They should still “bubble bubble” and close tightly when tapped. Never buy those with open shells.
  • Fish: Fresh fish should have nice clean ocean smell. If it smells fishy and pungent, skip it. They often sell the whole fish at markets of seafood in Danang. Remember to check its eyes too. Clear, bright eyes mean freshness, whereas grey, dull or sunken eyes are a sign that the fish is less than fresh.
  • If you want to deliver the raw seafood by plane, you should be aware of the airline’s rules. They must be kept in the styrofoam box without ice and sent as check-in baggage. Plus, there must be no leak on the box.
  • Last but not least, make friends with your favorite fishmongers. By this way, you will be able to get the scoop on when the seafood arrived. Furthermore, they’ll be glad to help you pick the freshest ones.