Hoi An Markets Guide: Are there any markets in Hoi An?


Even though supermarkets and grocery stores have opened all across Vietnam, most locals still love the freshness at the markets. Markets always form the heart of each community. Plus, you can see the locals at their most authentic pace there. Read on for our complete guide to Hoi An markets to make you feel like a local.

Hoi An Central Market – The largest Hoi An Market

Central Market is the largest market in Hoi An and the one almost every visitor to Hoi An will walk past. It is conveniently located on the edge of the Ancient Town. The market is always a hive of activity. Regardless of the time of day, the streets near this market often filled with locals and tourists alike, walking, riding pushbikes or motorbikes taking in the views.

Hoi An Central Market
Food counts in Hoi An Central Market

The entrance of the market, which is colored the famous Hoi An yellow, is on Tran Phu and is where the food stalls are located. A popular spot for breakfast, the dishes on offer are Vietnamese and include the local and regional specialties. You should try Cao Lau, Mi Quang, and Com Ga.

Open: 4am – 10pm

The Tiger Market – Chợ Tân An

Definitely, there are no tigers for sale there. The name of the market came from a nearby temple, Mieu Ong Cop, which means Tiger Temple. Coming from the Old Town, take Le Loi St. which converts into Nguyen Truong. After passing a sports ground on your right, cross Ly Thuong Kiet, and you’ll start seeing street vendors.

Tiger Market is an ex-pat favorite where you can find everything from Vietnamese ingredients to Western ones like frozen pizza bases to delight your tummy. The vendors and locals here speak good enough English and, for sure, they are not pushy and you won’t be ripped off.

Open: 5am – 8pm

Ba Le Market

if you want to find the cooking ingredients, Ba Le market is a good deal. In halfway between the Old Town and the beach, from the Old Town, turn right at Le Thanh Tong road. You will see the market to your right side just a few meters ahead.

Open: 5pm – 7pm

Local market
In the local market, sometimes you just spend about $3 per day

Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An Night Market is one of ex-pat favorite Hoi An markets. It is located across the river and can be reached by crossing the brightly lit Hoi An bridge. This is the loudest part of Hoi An with many restaurants and bars lining surrounding streets.

lanterns light up
Lanterns light up in Hoi An night market

Running along Nguyen Hoang street, motorbikes are not allowed so you may walk and chill out there. When the sun goes down, the lanterns light up to attract crowded people.

Open: 6pm – 10pm

The Fish Market – Chợ Thanh Hà

Follow the Thu Bon river on the way to the Hoi An pottery village, you will see Thanh Ha Market or Fish Market. The reason for this name is that the fishermen bring their night’s catches to this market. You can buy the freshest fishes at an affordable price.

Local markets in Hoi An
Freshness is a significant one of the local markets

You also witness another perspective of Hoi An. Hoi An is famous for not only the tourist attraction but also a place with the local beauty of working. Remember, if you want to go there to buy fish or snap some photos, wearing boots to avoid dirty.

Open: 4am – 7am

The Beach Market – Chợ An Bàng

Freshness is important and local tastes better! Every morning you can buy fresh ingredients for your breakfast from neighbors at An Bang market.

An Bang market
Every morning you can buy fresh ingredients for your breakfast from our neighbors in the local market.

Go straight ahead on Hai Ba Trung street, then turn left at the traffic light and go straight around 300 meters, you will see An Bang market at the end of this street. Without the pushy as other Hoi An markets, An Bang market provides everything you want from friendly vendors.

Open: 8am – 12am

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