Is it easy to find a meetup in Vietnam for working or hanging out?


No matter you need to find a meetup in Vietnam for working, studying or hanging out with friends, you can easily find the one you need right in Danang city. Co-working spaces, coffee shops, or even restaurants can be a comfortable place for you and your friends.

meetup in vietnam

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Co-working space – the professional meetup in Vietnam

If you want a meetup in Vietnam not in the office to meet your co-workers, co-working place is a suggestion.


Located on the 8th floor of Danang Architecture University, SHi ZONE is an ideal space to do your college teamwork assignments. The decoration is simple with the orange mainstream. It’s also the traditional color of Danang. Though many people sitting in the same place, you will not be disturbed thanks to the smart design bringing you the privacy in an airy space. In addition to that, the view of SunWheel will inspire you when you feel stuck. The kitchen at the corner with tea and coffee for free make it a convenient meetup in Vietnam.

meetup in vietnam

SHi ZONE co-working space with the orange mainstream where you can come work or study – Image:

You can also find here many services that make your work done easier. They offer the renting office spaces, renting seats, renting meeting rooms and especially startups support and consulting services. If you start your business in this coastal city, a meetup in Vietnam like this will help you reduce the cost as well as solve common problems in the startup period.

Surf Space

If you’re looking for a meetup in Vietnam for events, workshops, classes or meeting, Surf Space is available for you. It has modern facilities along with a community of entrepreneurs working here every day. Therefore, it’s not only where you can meet your friends for work or study but also a chance for a new customer!

Plus, this co-working has a creative corner for “brainstorming” with necessary utensils such as tables, chairs, projectors, that connects the freelancers, or officers around. To make it more “co-working”, they provide a common space where people can have coffee, tea and relax.

meetup in vietnam

Surf Space is a meetup in Vietnam where you can come and work with your friends – Image:

Especially, the first Thursday of each month is the “free coworking day”. If you’re not sure whether this kind of meetup in Vietnam suitable for you, you can come and try it out.

Coffee shops – the most common meetup in Vietnam

Vietnam is popular with coffee and cool designed coffee shops. This also a favorite meetup in Vietnam of youngsters. When you step into a coffee shop, you can see many people sit there for some as well as study or work.

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Ribo Coffee

Coming to this meetup in Vietnam, you will be able to enjoy the tasty coffee in an airy space with fishes and greens. With the garden house design, Ribo Coffee offers you a variety of space for your single coming or with partners, friends, and family. Just let the waitress know how many people you go with and what for (study, work, relax, etc), they will set up a suitable corner for you.

meetup in vietnam

Ribo coffee is a cozy meetup in Vietnam for you and your partners – Image: Ribo Coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee

This is a good bakery and coffee shop where you can come for a meet up in Vietnam. With the white mainstream and strong wifi, this must be an optimal place for working. Moreover, the minimalist style helps you avoid distractions when you need to concentrate. Latte and Matcha are the two most recommended drinks in this coffee shop.

meetup in vietnam

The simple decoration of Blue Mountain Coffe makes it easier for you to concentrate on working here – Image:

Danang Souvenir & Cafe

This coffee shop is a suitable meetup in Vietnam where you can visit with your partners. The mixing of Western and Eastern concept will please most of your global friends. Located on Bach Dang Street, Danang Souvenir & Cafe offers you the poetic view of Han River. Furthermore, in the evening, you can sit on the balcony and watch the hustle harbor down below.

meetup in vietnam

If you’d like a coffee shop with a beautiful view, you should add Danang Souvenir & Cafe into your bucket list.

The advisable meetup place in Vietnam for dinner

In Vietnam, a meal plays an important role in all kinds of relationship. With a good dinner, you can enhance the friendship, push the deal or even earn some extra discount for the on-going transaction.

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Retro Kitchen and Bar

This is an ideal meet up place in Vietnam to chill out with your friends. Retro Kitchen and Bar offers a superb menu in a cozy atmosphere. You will have a relaxing time here with the retro design of old bricks and light bulbs. With the authentic Western cuisine, it will remind you of the homeland dishes such as steak, salad, etc. In addition, there is a small bar so you can come just for some alcohol drinks either.

meetup in vietnam

Retro Kitchen and Bar is a Western meetup in Vietnam with the authentic Western cuisine – Image:

Tre Viet

If you and your friends are interested in Vietnamese cuisine, Tre Viet restaurant is where you can come for the true Vietnamese taste. The sophisticated recipes and classy cuisine of Tre Viet will meet all your demands for the signature food of three regions of Vietnam. With the maximum capacity of 100 guests, you can even hold a small party here. If you need privacy, there are some private rooms reserved for you.

meetup in vietnam

Tre Viet is a meetup in Vietnam when you’re craving for some Vietnamese traditional dishes.


Besides the meetup in Vietnam above, you can visit website Lodyhelp meetup for more suggestions. No matter what your purpose is, hope you can find a suitable place where you can “work hard, play harder” in Danang coastal city.