10 Ideas for Halloween costume you can dress up


Halloween is upcoming this October and Do you have any ideas for the costumes to wear on that day? Let’s check 10 ideas for the unique clothing for Halloween.

A zombie bride Halloween costume:

If you want a quick but scary outfit a zombie bride is a great option. You do not even have to buy a full outfit and you may have most of the bits lying around the house.

All you will need to wear is all white, preferably a dress, a pair of heels, a tiara or veil which you can buy from online shopping or a Halloween shop. For extra effect add a ring, some smudged lipstick and some dead flowers. You won’t look last minute at all with this one.

Ghost bride costume for Halloween night

A cute cat:

The cat is a classic Halloween favorite. This is another really last-minute choice. All you need to do is wear all black, add some whiskers and a nose with an eyeliner and if you do have the time, a pair of ears and a tail which again are available from local Halloween shops or lots of online retailers.

Ideas for unique Halloween costumes

A creepy clown:

A clown is a great last-minute option, you can just wear bright colored jumper or trousers, add a red nose with lipstick and then some triangles above and below your eye.

There are lots of tutorials online. For added effect, you could add a funky colored wig or put your hair in bunches. This is one of the best last minute Halloween costume!

Halloween costumes

The musical theatre costume:

If you don’t want to have lots of makeup and accessories, a pretty toned-down look is to go as a musical theatre character like sandy from Grease.

All you would need is a pair of leather look trousers, a crop top, a leather look jacket and heels, which I am sure lots of us have in our cupboards. For added effect, you could curl your hair to create ringlets and if you wanted an added scary effect, you could add some contacts, or some blood on your face!

Dressing up for the Halloween party

A wicked witch:

Another classic Halloween costume is a witch. This has a scary factor and always looks the part. All you would need is an all-black outfit, a broom and a hat, which lots of different retailers sell quite reasonably.

For added effect, you could add some dark eye liner or some warts from a special effects/fancy dress shop or even just enjoy getting creative with your own makeup.

Chill out in the Halloween party

A cheeky cheerleader:

A cheerleader is another popular choice for Halloween. You can buy a ready-made outfit from selected retailers and fancy dress shops, but if you are running really last minute, you could wear a crop top, skirt and knee-high socks add some bunches to your hair and maybe some blood and smudged lipstick. Now you have no excuse to miss that party!

Halloween party

A daring devil:

A devil is another popular look for Halloween costume. It is another last-minute favorite, all you would need is to wear all red.

If you had extra time, you could buy some devil horns and a cape from selected retailers for added effect. Then get creative with your own makeup by applying eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

Some ideas for evil costume

A spooky skeleton:

A skeleton, yet again another favourite Halloween costume. Now, this one really is simple. All you would need is an all-black outfit, then you can add some white powder and circles around your eyes, there are lots of tutorials online for this.

Dressing like a ghost

A story time classic:

Red riding hood is something not so expected for a Halloween character. All you would need is a dress and a hood and decorate with fake cobwebs and spiders.

Add some plaits in your hair, a basket and knee-high socks for added effect. If you want to make things creepy add some blood or smudged makeup.

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A Harry Potter Halloween costume:

A Harry Potter Halloween costume? Did you hear that right? Yes! This is a great last-minute costume. All you would need is your school uniform or a shirt and tie. If you can add some holes or distress it.

Harry Potter costume in Halloween

Add the classic scar on the forehead which you could do out of fake blood from your local fancy dress store or just draw with eyeliner. Add some dark circles under your eyes and you will create a classic scary look!

These are some suggestions for the costume ideas on Halloween, Choose a costume and dress up for the non-stop party!!

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