Top 4 coffee shop in Hoi An? Hoi An what to see ?


Besides the passion and the unique coffee enjoyment of the locals, one of the most important things which make the “coffee culture” in Vietnam is the coffee shop. It is difficult to find another country which has a huge number of coffee shops like Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnamese coffee origin is from the French. Therefore, the most interesting experience might enjoy Coffee in Hoi An. Since Hoi An might be the place that was influenced strongly by the French culture in the colonial period.

I-The Vietnamese coffee origin

Coffee appeared the first time in Vietnam in 1857. It is the time of the French colony. And they are the ones who brought coffee to Vietnam. The very first coffee trees were grown in the Central Highland in Vietnam or Tay Nguyen as the local name. The French said that soil conditions in this region were suitable for the development of the coffee trees.

best vietnamese coffee in hoi an

When importing to Vietnam, the coffee enjoyment of the western style still remained as the origin. The Vietnamese people called it by a friendly name, which made it easier for the locals, “Ca phe phin”. In which, “ca phe” means coffee as the French pronunciation and “phin” means the pot.

Coffee removes the border between poor and rich people. Moreover, it is not like other countries, the Vietnamese come to a coffee shop for relaxing, sitting and thinking about life when waiting for the coffee drops fill the cup.

II- Faifo Coffee – The best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An with an amazing view of the old town

Faifo Coffee is not only the best Vietnamese coffee in the ancient town but also is known as one of the must-visit spots in town. There are two main reasons for this reputation.

best vietnam coffee in hoi an

The first reason is its coffee quality. This coffee shop provides a high quality of Vietnam coffee to make the best cups of coffee. When you order a cup of coffee here, the staff will start to grind the coffee beans. Therefore, the taste of the coffee is strong and pure. It helps to remark the taste of Vietnamese coffee. Besides, they also serve other types of coffee such as US coffee, Italian coffee, and so on.

Another reason for its reputation is its view of the ancient town. Faifo Coffee is famous as a rooftop coffee shop. Its rooftop has a view of the old town with the small alleys, yellow walls and old roof. Moreover, Hoi An ancient town has no tall building. In fact, all of the houses in town is just low and have the same height. Therefore, the view is more awesome.

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III- Phin Coffee – The best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An with the local decoration

The Phin Coffee shop is an authentic taste coffee place with a true taste of the best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An. The most interesting thing that attracts customers and makes them come back in the next time is the friendly environment of the shop. There is not only the owner but also staffs are always ready to share the coffee stories to those who keen on. In Phin Coffee, besides bringing a good quality Vietnamese coffee to the customers, they also want to spread out the Vietnamese coffee vibe.

Phin Coffee menu is the same as any of other Vietnamese coffee shops. However, with the stories from the barista and the suitable space for coffee time, you will feel a different atmosphere. Moreover, the quality of the coffee beans here is guaranteed by the authentic standards. Thus, the taste of Vietnamese coffee here will not disappoint you. Coming to Phin Coffee, you should not miss out its feature drink, coconut coffee.

vietnam coffee

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IV- Mia Coffee – The best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An to the expat

The main menu of this coffee shop is Vietnamese coffee. Moreover, the special and strong taste gives you the chance to taste the best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An. There is not only the true taste of Vietnamese coffee makes you fall in love with this place but also the green and open space of it. Thus, it brings a Vietnamese coffee vibe to you to enjoy the local culture beauty. Besides the Vietnamese coffee, Mia Coffee also provides you with Italian coffee. The taste of it is exactly the same as the original one. Sipping a cup of Italian coffee in a Vietnamese architecture space will be a remarkable experience.

Mia Coffee is an open space with green trees surrounding. Located in a small alley, this is a separate space from the crowds outside. There are two floors with different conditions for you to choose from. The ground floor is an open space with the yard and terrace surrounding. This is a fresh and cool area. Moreover, it is a comfortable zone for you to share the stories with other customers to make friends. The upper level is a closed space with air-conditioner if you want to find a cool space.

Mia coffee

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Vietnamese coffee is one of the prides of the local people. It is not only the main export product of the country but also a favorite daily drink of the local. Do not miss out a chance to enjoy the best Vietnamese coffee in Hoi An with the mentioned shop. It is a great chance to experience and understand the “ca phe phin” culture.