Eat like a local in Danang – Cuisine culture of the local


Being able to eat like a local in Danang will be the best experience which you cannot find anywhere else in the world. That is also a great way to explore the local culture. Like the other regions in Vietnam, the family meal is very important to Danang people. That is the reason why members always gather at home for the dinners and share their stories of the day together. It has become the etiquette in Vietnamese culture for thousands of years from our ancestors. Let see what Danang people have in a meal!

eat like a local in Danang

How to eat like a local in Danang – Source: @thiennguyen1012

Eat breakfast like a local in Danang

To eat like a local in Danang, firstly, you need to know what do they have in their breakfast. Normally, Danang people do not have breakfast together with the family. They have breakfast separate in different time. It depends on the schedule of each. The breakfast of local people is quite diversified. In the morning, you just need to walk around your area then you can see so many breakfast “restaurants”. Some of them are the in-house restaurants. But most of them are the trolleys with some sets of tables and small plastic chairs. They serve fuming delicious dishes. People usually come to take a seat and enjoy the breakfast. Some just come to buy a takeaway breakfast then they will have it at their work or school.

eat like a local in Danang

Bread or Banh My is the most popular breakfast of Vietnamese – Source: @lozi_hanoi

Normally, Danang people serve noodles and bread in the morning. To eat like a local in Danang, you should have noodles for breakfast. The reason is that one of the most famous specialties in Danang is noodles. The pots of soup are made mostly from the broth. It makes the soup tastier. You can choose to have noodle with chicken, pork or beef soup. Normally, noodles is eaten with vegetables. Besides, there are many other options for breakfast in Danang. For bread, people serve it with grilled pork, pork-pie, beef-pie or eggs. The core also contains vegetables and fish sauce. Moreover, Danang people also serve water fern cake, hot spring rolls and sticky rice in the morning.

eat like a local in Danang

Vietnamese noodles – Source: @davidthefoodie

Additionally, Danang people usually have breakfast with some healthy drink. The best combo for breakfast as local opinion is bread with a cup of soymilk. Besides, there are other types of morning drinks as the local favourite. They are fresh milk, green bean milk, milo and of course, coffee.

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Eat lunch like a local in Danang

Lunch is the main meal of the day in Vietnam. To eat like a local in Danang for lunch, your meal must have enough these types of dishes: rice, soup and fried food. This standard is not for the meals in Danang only but it is the tradition and culture of Vietnam for thousands of years. In Danang, it has a little different from other regions. People often have fresh vegetables in the meals. As the local opinion, it increases the taste of dishes and also good for health. Furthermore, Danang local people usually have steamed and boiled dishes at lunch. They are eaten with fish sauce and vegetables. Therefore, vegetables are essential dishes in the local meal.

eat like a local in Danang

A traditional meal of Vietnamese – Source: @sahuseasalt

There are always soup and steam or fried dishes for lunch. It is also the tradition. When you eat them together, it can help you to balance the taste and you still can enjoy the deliciousness of different dishes at once.

Due to the reason that Quang noodles is the traditional food in Danang, local people usually have it for lunch instead of rice. Therefore, to eat like a local in Danang for lunch, you also can have a bowl of Quang noodles. It is still the same with rice, local people have Quang noodle with vegetables. A dish of Quang noodles will be put on the dining table with a dish of fresh vegetable, lemon pieces, chilli and fish sauce. Besides, local people can have lunch with porridge. In Vietnam, it does not necessary to have porridge when you are sick. Porridge is a common dish of local people. That is why you can be easy to see the restaurants which serve porridge at day. There are many kinds of porridge such as beef, pork, duck, chicken, fish or pettitoes.

eat like a local in Danang

Quang noodles – Source: @thiennguyen1012

Eat dinner like a local in Danang

Normally, the dinner of Vietnamese people is not different from lunch. Therefore, to eat like a local in Danang for dinner, you will have the same with lunch. There are still standard for dishes in the meal. It is required to have rice, soup and fried or steam dishes. There were no differences between lunch and dinner before. However, nowadays, there are many communications channels which provide people knowledge about nutrition, they have changed. People have dinner with a less amount of food so that it is good for the digestive system.

Danang people usually have more vegetable dishes in the dinner compare to lunch. As they know that it is good for health, digestive and taste. After the meals, Vietnamese people often use dessert with fruits. Thanks for being a tropical country, there are so many kinds of fruits which is fresh and safe. In case there are no fresh fruits for dessert, they drink fruit juice to replace.

eat like a local in Danang

A Vietnamese hotpot is usually eaten with noodles and so many vegetables – Source:

For the dinner, sometimes Danang people have a hotspot as a way to change the taste. The most favourite hotspot in Danang is seafood. It is easy to understand. Firstly, Danang is a coastal city with the beach in 60 kilometers length. Therefore, the seafood here is abundant and rich. Besides, Danang is famous with the quality and tasty seafood not only in Vietnam but also over the world. The hotspot of Danang people is different from other regions. People have it with many kinds of vegetables and a small bowl of fish sauce. It makes the unique taste of the cuisine in the central of Vietnam.


In conclusion, to eat like a local in Danang, you must have vegetables eaten with other dishes. The reason is that Danang people eat so many vegetables for better taste and health. Besides, you must follow the way they enjoy the deliciousness of a local meal with the standard of dished must have in a meal. Hope you will enjoy your time in Danang as a local!