Chill out at Ben Thanh night market


Ben Thanh Market is a long-lasting image of Sai Gon city. As an inevitable, when traveling to the city named Uncle Ho, every tourists always take a trip to Ben Thanh market. At this market, you can choose a best item as a gift for your friends, family members.

Ben Thanh night market

If you are busy with visiting some places of interest in Sai Gon in the morning, you can also go to the market in the evening. Come to this market and enjoy a bustling Ben Thanh night market.

About Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market has been operated for a long time before French colonialism invades Gia Dinh or former Sai Gon. In the past, the market is situated next to the Ben Nghe’s riverbank.

In 1911, the authorities of French colonialism decided to move Ben Thanh Market to the city centre. Since that time, Ben Thanh Market become a place for trading good. It’s also the biggest market in Saigon to meet the shopping demand of local.

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Discovery Ben Thanh Night Market

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Ben Thanh night market attracts many foreign tourists to come and explore local culture. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to choose a beautiful item as a gift for friends, family members after your trip. Besides, the night market is also a hot place to chill out for young generation.

There are a wide range of stalls selling from fashion, souvenirs, fruits, vegetable at any price. In addition, tourists can find some handmade items made from Vietnamese skilled artisan.

What to eat at Ben Thanh Night Market

Where to eat in Sai Gon

The food court of Ben Thanh night market is the most crowded area attracting many people come to discover. All food stalls selling local cuisine bring authentic favor of Vietnamese cuisine.

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Grilled dishes at night market in Sai Gon (image:

This night market has also been satisfied with grilled dishes. Namely basic grilled disches such as grilled meat, corn, chicken that make any food lover can’t stop tasting.

Furthermore, the variety of food at such a great night market doesn’t stop with many yummy street food. Sweet soup, snail, Banh Trang Tron and others in the food court make visitors have to try once before leaving.

In Conclusion

It can be said that Ben Thanh night market is named as a small Sai Gon at night. It’s a place to meet the shopping demands for local as well as tourist. The market is also an image of Sai Gon culture and tourist destination you can’t pass when traveling to Sai Gon city.