Amazing and unique experiences you can only have in Vietnam


In our globalized world, you can get tastes of most cultures in any urban center about their fashions, cuisine, art, and even their crafted goods. But there is just so much you will miss if you don’t get out and travel to spend the amazing and unique experiences in Vietnam.

1. Go to the Cái Răng Floating Market

There are many floating markets throughout the Mekong Delta in Southwest Vietnam, but the Cái Răng market is the largest. It’s located in Cần Thơ, the fourth-largest city in Vietnam, which should be a stop on your tour through Vietnam, anyways.

Cai rang market in Vietnam
A corner of Cai Rang floating market in Vietnam

2. Ride a motorbike over the Hai Van Pass

Many articles have written that this is a must-do in Vietnam. For those who haven’t heard, give it a try you will know why the Hai Van Pass should be on your itinerary.

Ride on Hai Van Pass
Ride on Hai Van pass with your little Honda 50

3. Visit a Hmong family

The moment you get off your bus in Sapa, in the north of Vietnam, you’ll be accosted in a friendly way by Hmong women in colorful garb. If you’re a seasoned traveler, your instinct might be to shoo them away—but don’t. They offer immersive tours where they bring you to their villages to show you their traditional ways of life. It’s an intimate experience, and you’ll be glad you didn’t wave them off.

Ethnic groups in Vietnam
A family of ethnic groups in Vietnam

4. Take a Xe Ôm ride

All through your Vietnam unique experiences, you’ll see these leathery old men napping on their motorbikes, catching some midday snoozes in the shade. They’re motorbike taxis, and there’s no feeling that quite matches the full-on adrenaline rush of cruising through insane traffic on the back of a moto. Be sure to negotiate the price first, though. They’re notorious cheats.

Xe Om in Vietnam
Making a living in Old Quarter of Hanoi @liemdang

5. Ride on a cyclo

You can find these holdouts from the French colonial days near most urban tourist landmarks, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and Hanoi. They’re a bit bumpy, but the drivers are excellent guides with detailed knowledge of your surroundings.

Cyclo experience in Vietnam
@travelraysg Cyclo ride around Hoan Kiem district and the old quarters to experience the morning buzz

6. Explore the world’s largest cave

The Sơn Đoòng Cave, which is 150m wide and approximately 5km long, was only discovered in 1991 when a man heard a whistling noise and rushing water. The entrance was impassible without climbing equipment, so locals never knew what was hiding from them.

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
Son Dong Cave in Vietnam

7. Try some egg coffee

Egg coffee is a unique specialty in Vietnam. Not too many coffee shops serve it, but it’s worth looking for because of its interesting texture and taste.

Egg coffee in Vietnam
Egg coffee in Vietnam

These amazing and unique experiences above may reasons push you to hop on a plane, train or boat and make your way to Vietnam.

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