5 Hacks to bargain at Ben Thanh Market


Ben Thanh Market  is one of the must-visit places in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s a chance to go shopping and experience in bargaining the price at market in Vietnam. This will be an interesting experience if you have lived in the Western countries. The ideal of bargaining  will never come to minds at the Western countries, but in Vietnam, negotiate with the seller to reduce the price is normal things in daily life.

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh

This market considered as the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh. There are a number of stuff selling in this market including food, silk, specialties and so on. Tourists when travelling to Ho Chi Minh (or Sai gon), always come to this market to go shopping and enjoy local food. Here is some tips to help you negotiate your way through the market and make the most of your experience in things to do in Saigon.

How to get to Ben Thanh Market

Located at Le Loi street, Ben Thanh, Ho Chi Minh city, this market is situated fairly central in the city. The exact directions to the market depending on where you’re staying. However, if you are in the central of Saigon, you can get to there easily buy bus, grab or motorbike.

It’s definitely within walking distance of most of tourists attractions in Saigon so once you want to go sightseeing, take a note to visit the market.

5 Hacks to bargain the price

1. Do not buy the first thing you see

The market is full of the vendors selling fairly similar things, so take a look to a few places before deciding what you want to purchase.

Get around the local market in Saigon

Ben Thanh Market is not the biggest market in Vietnam or some shopping mall like in the abroad but you will get lost easily. So once you find a particular vendor that catch your attention, let’s make a deal to negotiate and try to buy it at the cheapest price!

2. Do not estimate the price you want to bargain first in your mind

Exploring the local market in Ho Chi Minh

Your price will be end up either too high or too low. After checking out some sellers in the market, you will set in mind what their start price are? Then, you can typicaly go lower than that starting price and bargain between 1/3 or 1/4 of the starting price.

I’m sure that you will get the lower price than the first price you’ve heard from the seller. so let’s do it!

3. Smile, laugh and generally be nice

It seems that smiling, laughing or be nice is normal things but that will make you more friendly. People always respond to positivity in the market and Vietnamese is unexception. There is no need to take things so seriously when go shopping in the market, especially if you’ve just visiting as a tourist.

So let’s smile friendly and make a bargain to buy stuffs cheaper!

Bui Vien street – the walking street in Saigon to chill out at night

4. Ask some questions

Make a comfortable conversation with the seller will help you become a friendly buyer. Just ask a question about the travel guide, the stuff they selling or something else, even they can’t answer your question, but they will connect to other vendors to help you as well as make you more easily to bargain.

5. Be prepared to walk away from a deal

How to bargain at local market in Saigon

It’s really an interesting action when you can’t get a deal as you want, just leave it and walk away to another seller. This actually gives you more power, and in most case the seller will call you back to accept you with “the lowest price”.

Don’t be afraid to walk away! if you really like to purchase the item, you can lose the power wheareas you could just walk a few stalls down and find exact  same item at a much cheaper.


When it comes to Ho Chi Minh travel, tourists can have many choices to do in Saigon such as go sightseeing, explore famous tourist attactions, chill out on the walking street at night or taste the local cuisine.

Ben Thanh Market is also a place of interest that tourist can’t pass. After experience full of joy in other tourists trap in Ho Chi Minh, take a short trip to this market to find some local stuff as a gift for your relatives, friends. So 5 bargaining tips suggested at the article above will help you save your budget when traveling in Ho Chi Minh!